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We heard some rustling in the attic one evening. We called Adam. He was there the very next day. He found a broken vent and set a couple of traps.

Eric K. Lake Villa

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Termite Inspection Murfreesboro TN

Termites cause approximately $5 billion in damage to American homes every year–and that doesn’t include damage caused by other Wood Destroying Insects (WDIs). Making sure a home is termite-free is a vital part of closing a real estate deal. With our wood-destroying insect reports, you can assure potential homeowners that their new home is not threatened by destructive pests. 

Termite Inspectors in Murfreesboro

Termite Inspection Murfreesboro TN

Results You Can Trust

As a locally-owned and operated company, we take pride in giving our friends and neighbors a strong sense of security when it comes to inspecting real estate for Wood Destroying Organisms (WDOs). Since 1988, First Response has been trusted by our community to provide thorough inspections for real estate dealings, and it is an honor we don’t take lightly. When you choose First Response Pest Control, you’re choosing highly-trained experts who will provide a personalized and comprehensive inspection plan for your real estate property.​

Inspections for termites and other WDIs and WDOs are a huge priority before closing a deal. Many lenders and all VA and FHA loans require termite inspections prior to real estate transactions. That’s where our expert exterminators come in. Our termite, WDI, and WDO Inspections offer VA, FHA, and other conventional termite reports that adhere to current NPMA standards. Your First Response  professional will conduct a thorough inspection for signs of all possible wood destroying organisms such as:

  • Subterranean Termites    
  • Drywood Termites        
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Bees        
  • Wood Destroying Beetles

If termites are found, our exterminators will be happy to offer their advice for treatment so you can move one step closer to sealing the deal!


Accurate and Complete Inspections

The inspection process begins with a request from one of the following: the homeowner, the mortgage company, the realtor, or the attorney. Once we’ve set the time and price of your inspection, here’s what you can expect from your trusted expert:

  • Starting with the foundation, your inspector will begin an intensive search for signs of present and past infestation such as shelter tubes or damaged wood.
  • The basement or crawl space will be checked, examining the sill plate, band board, and floor joists for weak spots and signs of WDOs like frass, hollowing, and dead or living insects.
  • The other floors of the property including attics will also be checked for boreholes, exit holes or nests on baseboards, door/window frames, and walls.
  • Your technician will even alert you if they find anything else of concern like rodents and other pests.
  • What’s more, with your convenience in mind, most inspections take less than one hour to complete!

The inspection will accurately determine if there is any visible evidence of a past or a present infestation of wood-destroying organisms. After inspection, your professional WDO inspector will provide the necessary certification letter or detailed written report indicating any signs of termites, WDIs, and WDOs and recommendations for treatment.

The Difference

With our Wood Destroying Insect reports,  you’re sure to get fast, comprehensive, and accurate service. We make sure all of our exterminators are state-certified and trained to effectively spot termite activity, so you can be sure you’re giving your clients complete honesty and transparency. Contact our termite inspectors in Murfreesboro TN today!

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