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We heard some rustling in the attic one evening. We called Adam. He was there the very next day. He found a broken vent and set a couple of traps.

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Protect Your Home From Fall Invaders

Autumn is an exciting time: a new school year starts, leaves begin to change, and so much more! Unfortunately, the cooler and crisper weather that fall brings often brings with it an invasion of a whole new crop of critters— the fall invaders. If you want to protect your home from these pests, give us a call today to keep your home pest-free!

Fall Invader Pest Control in Murfreesboro TN

In our part of the country, there are a lot of pests that just don’t seem to like the cold, which causes them to relocate indoors during the cool fall months in preparation for the cold winters.

This creates a problem for homeowners, who are often quickly overwhelmed with their new and unwelcome houseguests.

Fall Invader Pest Control in Murfreesboro TN

Our fall invader pest services are designed to give you relief from these seasonal critters, including prevention and removal of a variety of household pests including:

Stink bugs: Stink bugs are an invasive species, named for their tendency to emit unpleasant smells when disturbed or crushed. This makes removing them a smelly endeavor, making pretreatment with a great way to keep your home looking and smelling its best!

Boxelders: Boxelders are known to congregate in trees during the summer and then travel en masse into homes to find shelter for the winter. They tend to hide in cracks and crevices in walls, making removal a tricky process.

Lady asian beetles: More commonly known as ‘ladybugs,’ lady asian beetles are known for their fall migration into homes. While they aren’t dangerous, their tendency to emit yellow fluid and acrid odors does make them an unwanted nuisance.

Seasonal Care To Give You Complete Protection

The one good thing about seasonal pests is that they give us time to plan for them and prevent them from ever becoming a problem! Our seasonal pest control services take full advantage of this knowledge, timing our services to give you the protection you need, exactly when you need it.

As with all of our pest control services, our fall invader protection comes with a variety of perks designed to give you quality care and quick relief from household pests, including:

  • A qualified team of service professionals: Our professional and knowledgeable team of state-certified technicians undergo extensive training to give you the very best service the pest control world has to offer.
  • No contract service options:  We know this Fall Invader service is worth it and speaks for itself. We don’t expect you to sign any service agreements for this service.

For almost 30 years, we’ve been offering quality pest control services in Illinois and Wisconsin, giving us the local knowledge to effectively treat for all of the areas seasonal pests. We offer our fall invader pest control services in:

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